Couple Love Forever 恋爱永爱你配套

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該配套包含心意鸡肉乾500g x 1和2件Chicken Project周边产品 (FIRE88 HOODIE | BURGUNDY X 2)。
我來也真空包裝猪肉乾的最佳食用期限為30日/1個月, 請查詢包裝上最佳適應期限日期(如發現真空包裝未能完全封存,請不要食用該肉乾,並立即聯絡客服以跟進相關事宜。

I don’t want to be like the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. I just want to wear the couple outfit with you, cross the Pacific Ocean, and eat a piece of dried meat at the end.
This bundle included Lovely Heart Chicken dried meat 500g x 1 and 2 pieces Chicken Project Merchandise (FIRE88 HOODIE | BURGUNDY X 2).
Oloiya vacuum packed dried meat is best consumed within 30 days / 1 month, please refer to our product packaging for best consumed date. If vacuum pack is loose, please contact our customer service.

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