Chicken Chop Bundle


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You Can enjoy Oloiya Chicken Chop now, the best Chicken Chop you ever ate. 

•Vacuum tumbled for tender meat and locked in flavors. 

•Great source of protein. 

•Convenient & cost effective. 

•Cage-free chicken. 

•No hormone residue. 

•No antibiotic residue.

Please refer to our product packaging for best consumed date. 


Click link below for nutrition facts:

Chicken Chop’s Nutrition Facts

Chicken Breast’s Nutrition Facts

This bundle included 

Oloiya Cooler bag x 1

Garlic Flavor Chicken Chop x 1

Spicy Korean Flavor Chicken Chop x 1

 Lemongrass Flavor Chicken Chop x 1

Mala Flavor Chicken Chop x 1

Black Pepper  Flavor Chicken Chop x 1

Pandan  Flavor Chicken Chop x 1

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