Classic Premium Pork Bacon Bakkwa: Since 1984, we’ve been a trusted provider of fresh and prepared pork products, strategically located near the French border. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and animal welfare is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities. With a high production capacity and stringent quality standards, we offer a diverse product range to meet various customer needs.

Spanish Olive Pork Bacon Bakkwa: Indulge in ELPOZO OLIVE PORK, a unique meat with no competition. Our premium pig, bred through the exclusive BREEDING-ELPOZO SANGENTON process, is enriched with olive oil in the feed, enhancing flavor and fat properties. Sourced exclusively from selected female pigs, our Olive Pork ensures a premium culinary experience. With 100% traceability, you’ll know the origin of every cut. Experience ELPOZO OLIVE PORK like never before.

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