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Note: For online orders, all dried meat products are vacuum-packed.

制作肉干的黑啤,是取自于摄氏232度高温下所烘烤的麦芽制成的,晶莹 剔透的色泽再加上甘苦参半的风味,绝对能够一次过满足你对于肉干和啤酒的欲 望。

我来也真空包装猪肉干的最佳食用期限为30日/1个月, 请查询包装上最佳适应期限日期(如发现真空包装未能完全封存,请不要食用该肉干,并立即联络客服以跟进相关事宜)。

The Guinness Bak Kwa is retrieve from malt that roasted at a temperature of 232 degrees Celsius. The crystal clear color and sweet-bitter flavor will definitely satisfy your desire for dried meat and beer in one go.
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Oloiya vacuum packed dried meat is best consumed within 30 days / 1 Month, please refer to our product packaging for best consumed date. If vacuum pack is loose, please contact our customer service.

Net Weight 350g/ pack
Best Consumed Period Please refer to the printing on packaging
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