Gold Coin Pork 金錢豬肉乾 (300g)

RM31.20 Includes GST (6%)

Children are often clumsy eaters and although the thought of their tiny hands barely able to grasp a large piece of dried meat may be cute, it is not practical. For that very reason, we have innovated our products into auspicious gold coin shapes so that our younger clients are able to enjoy the dried meat, without the frustration!


Pork, Sugar, Fish Gravy, Flavour Enhancer, Flavourings and Permitted Food Conditioners.

Allergen Information
Contains Fish, Soybean and Milk products. Manufactured on equipment that also processes Seafood products.

Nutrition Information
(Per 100g)

Energy – 331kcal
Total Fat – 8.76g
Carbohydrate – 35.0g
Protein – 28.1g