Chilli Pork 辣椒豬肉乾 (600g)

RM63.00 Includes GST (6%)

For the love of spicy food, we have turned up the heat on our chilli pork dried meat using a unique blend of spices and dried chillies from India. Every bite leaves an exciting, fiery and lingering heat on your taste buds that keeps you craving for more! You have been warned.

我們的辣味豬肉乾采用來自印度的獨特香料和辣椒乾特制而成, 它将赐予您的味蕾刺激又火辣的美妙滋味,好吃得讓您一口接一口無法自拔!

Pork, Sugar, Fish Gravy, Chilli Powder, Flavour Enhancer, Flavourings and Permitted Food Conditioners.

Allergen Information
Contains Fish, Soybean and Milk products. Manufactured on equipment that also processes Seafood products.

Nutrition Information
(Per 100g)

Energy – 373kcal
Total Fat – 13.8g
Carbohydrate – 36.5g
Protein – 25.8g