Chicken 雞肉乾 (300g)

RM31.20 Includes GST (6%)

A precise ratio of specific cuts, a traditional recipe for the marinade and flawless skills on the grills – are what it takes to produce our signature chicken dried meat. These tender slices of fragrant juiciness are a result of our many years of experience in the business and without a doubt, the classic choice.

精准切割比例的特选肉片,傳統秘方腌制,再加上純熟烤功 - 這就是我們制作招牌雞肉乾的秘诀。

Pork, Sugar, Chicken Meat, Fish Gravy, Chicken Liver, Flavour Enhancer, Flavourings and Permitted Food Conditioners.

Allergen Information
Contains Fish, Soybean and Milk products. Manufactured on equipment that also processes Seafood products.

Nutrition Information
(Per 100g)

Energy – 392kcal
Total Fat – 11.8g
Carbohydrate – 45.6g
Protein – 25.9g